Open Brasserie MediterrânicaOpen Brasserie Mediterrânica


Open Restaurant

More than a restaurant we invite you to come and discover a table full of good intentions! Located in Lisbon and designed as a Mediterranean brasserie, the Open bet on making a difference through the concept of sustainability to the table.

Certified by APC (Portuguese Association of Celiacs), this gluten-free restaurant searches all its inspiration in the most traditional elements of the portuguese cuisine.

Here, customers can taste the best local and organic products, offering a varied and healthy menu including vegetarian, vegan and lactose-free options, as well as adapted dishes for those suffering from diabetes.

We propose as well a delicious dining experience, healthy and balanced in a cosmopolitan environment, naturalist and elegant, designed based on the ancient Chinese art, Feng Shui. In the Open restaurant more than please your palate, we offer you a truly inspiring experience for all the senses.