Open Brasserie MediterrânicaOpen Brasserie Mediterrânica



Inspira Santa Marta Hotel opens its restaurant doors and invites you to come in and enjoy a new food concept that embodies some of its key brand values. Excellence in service, interactivity and transparency as well as sustainability and social responsibility are just some of the ingredients selected to ensure the best for guests and the environment.

Based on a Mediterranean Brasserie concept, Open makes a clear statement in favour of quality and variety in its menu based on healthy, organic products sourced locally and preferably through fair trade outlets.

Open has the gluten-free seal that results from a partnership between APC ( Portuguese Association of Celiacs ) and Biotrab .This certification ensures that the restaurant has implemented HACCP system adapted to the specificity of making gluten-free meals including training teams, product traceability and qualification of raw materials.

Sustainability and social responsibility are reflected in its main project- Inspira Water. This water, served in the restaurant, is filtered and bottled in recycled glass, which sales automatically revert to Pump Aid, a non-governmental organization that brings drinking water to villages in sub-saharan Africa, through the construction of water pumps, the Elephant Pump. 

More than a restaurant, Open positions itself as a “focal point for sharing and learning” offering a range of different experiences for both guests and employees: show-cooking, workshops, demos and whole programme of activities that will certainly tempt you to try your hand even if you normally prefer to keep out of the heat of the kitchen.

OPEN - worth checking out... again ... and again. Because memorable experiences always leave you hungry for more.


Open Mediterranean Brasserie is built in a warm and contemporary space located in Santa Marta a few steps from Avenida da Liberdade. The decoration inspired by Feng-Shui makes the balanced and harmonious environment, contributing to a culinary experience of comfort, satisfaction and pleasure.

The greenish tones and low environmental impact materials culminate in a design that provides positive energy and gives the restaurant a special dynamic, creating a desirable atmosphere not only the palate but to all the senses.

Capacity - 80 seats

Type – casual, urban