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The Urban Bar

Here you can find the perfect setting to unwind with a drink and put the day in conversation with friends! Located at Inspira Santa Marta Hotel, this cozy space is one of the busiest centers of Lisbon, both at the enterprise level as a tourist.

A few steps from Avenida da Liberdade, soak up the atmosphere of sophistication and comfort of the Urban Bar, where a contemporary decor, based on the concept of sustainability and inspired by the principles of Feng-Shui, creates an intimate and relaxing environment, protected from shaking a throbbing city.

Suitable for all times of the year you will find in this space the feeling of freshness that demand on the hottest days, a true urban oasis, where you can enjoy a wide range of cocktails. In winter, sit by the fire and warm the spirit. Take the opportunity to live in a bar that fits perfectly to small informal meetings, or will simply unwind with colleagues after a day's work.

For a drink after dinner in the comfort of the fireplace or while enjoying the games room, the "The Urban Bar" is the ideal place to leave behind all the excitement of the city.

Capacity - 50 seats

Time - 16h to 0h

Type - casual, urban